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This update will only work with existing installations.

Check the Version of the Current Installation:
You can check your current version by starting Surveys for Small Business and checking the version number at the very top of the window that opens.

The title line of the window should say:
"Surveys for Small Business - System Manager v4.0.xx"
Where "xx" will be the last 2 digits of your version.

If you are running less than version you may update your software.

Updating Surveys for Small Business:
1) Locate your current Surveys for Small Business installation:
Go to the shortcut that you normally use to launch Surveys for Small Business.
Right-click on that shortcut.
Select "Properties".
Check to make sure you are in the "Shortcut" tab. (Properties will normally open to this tab.)
Write down the location to the right of "Target:"
When you write down the location, omit "\Insight.exe" from the end.
e.g.: If next to target it says "C:\Program Files\Surveys4\Insight.exe" copy down just "C:\Program Files\Surveys4"
Click "Cancel"

2) Close Surveys for Small Business and any Projects that might be open.

3) Download the update from the link below:
Surveys for Small Business 4.0.3 Update
When prompted, save the file to a location that will be easy to find.

4) When downloading completes:
Double-click on the "Surveys4Update" file and follow the onscreen instructions.
When you reach the "Select Destination Location" panel, please confirm that location matches the location you recorded in step 1.
If the location is different, please type-in the address you recorded in step 1.
(Omitting "\Insight.exe".)
Click "Next" and complete the installation with the onscreen instructions.

For the update to install correctly, it is important that update be installed exactly over the current installation. Please do not skip the steps in bold blue.

Surveys for Small Business is now updated and ready to use.

If you need assistance when installing or using the program,
please contact technical support Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm ET:

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